I believe strongly in free culture and free-as-in-freedom software. Here are some of my open source projects:


Wind Toolkit HSDS Examples - Demonstration software and working examples for the Highly Scalable Data Service (HSDS) front end to the National Renewable Energy Lab’s national wind dataset.

DW TAP Application - Demonstration React application for the Distributed Wind Tools Assessing Performance API and algorithms.


Falling Fruit Website - The source-code behind the non-profit website FallingFruit.org, a platform for collaborating on a massive worldwide map of free food. Now maintained by a group of ~12 hackers.

Falling Fruit App - Cordoba based (Android/iOS) mobile application and frontend for Falling Fruit. Initially funded through a crowdfunding campaign. Currently maintained by a small group of hackers.

Food Rescue Robot - Logistics software for tracking decentralized food recovery. Originally developed for Boulder Food Rescue, now used by a dozen or more organizations in cities around the US for managing their operations. Currently maintained by a group of nearly 30 hackers.

Small White Cube - This website :)

Older Things

Parallel SSA - Code to perform spatial simulated annealing (SSA) in parallel on a compute cluster. Geared towards optimized sampling for my dissertation research.

The Second Kitchen - Web-based inventory tracking and point-of-sale system for a food buying cooperative in Boulder, Colorado. Now used by an organization in Denver as well.

Path Loss Research Utilities - A motley collection of useful programs for doing research on path loss models.

QualNet Hacks - Useful hacks and additions for the QualNet 4.5 simulator including EDAM (Effective Directivity Antenna Model).

Traffic Simulation and Classification Software - A framework for generating real-as-in-really-real workloads in simulations of infrastructure wireless networks.

Stochastic Similarity - Matlab code to implement the stochastic similarity metric of Nechyba et al..